Hey all! Just looking for some advice?


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Hey everyone! My name is Ant, Im a Graphic design student at Staffordshire University looking for some advice really....

I couldn't find an appropriate place to ask this, so thought I would include in my introduction....

Basically I'm working in a new Uni Brief which involves UK Vintage / Retro toys of the last century and I'm at the research stage and just wanted some advice or help on where I can obtain good visuals of Vintage Toy Packaging?

I need lots of examples and visuals for my research as need to look into materials, colour palettes, typography, illustration etc....

Any help would be reallllllllllly appreciated I have looked everywhere!!! I have a few images from Flickr, Ebay & Google but nothing brilliant.

Thank you in advance



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Try a library... there's bound to be some books on the subject. You can always ask the Librarian to point you in the right direction.