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firstly hello :icon_smile: basically, i study graphic design at a level and im 17, we got given a brief to create a poster, im completely and utterly stuck though. Obviously im not asking for you to give me ideas, just your opinion on mine so far.

Team work
Decision making
Using initiative
Making things happen
Managing risks
Communication and interpersonal skills
Being responsible
The poster design has to portray the above qualities and concepts.
This is what i've done so far. {these arent finished}


for this i was gonna do an egg and spoon race of students, but rather than an egg in the spoon a university hat, i really dont know if this is plain stupid or ridiculously cheesy.


this ones supose to represent decision making, uni etc. another idea was a pyramid of students climbing on each other etc, then a uni cap at the top with some ray of light or something.