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Hey everyone. I need some users who are well experienced with image fabricating software to help with a project. (Where better to go then a forum about graphic design called graphic design forum? lol)

The way my site works is that users contribute to ever-expanding walls with their own images. Each image blends into the last to make one horizontally long, seamless image. Think of it as a long painting that hundreds of artists worked on where every one had a section reserved for them solely. Each wall falls under a different category. Nature, technology, and retro, for example. They each consist of 750x500 pixel images submitted to the site.

Anyway, I want you, forum members to help in this project.

Anyone up for it? Visit my site for more information:

(ps, if the site's down check back in 10 minutes or so)
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I think that the image file size will be a big problem actually, unless you split the wall into many many pages, like the idea though.
Definately a great idea!

But dependent on the quality of the material/artwork you are given to add to it, I'd get your website to as many design related forums, sites as possible to increase the quality of what submitted, should do well though me thinks.