Help with a Project on Plants!


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Hey there!

I've just been assigned this brief below:

Some see gardening as a metaphor for life. Whether it is a plant or two on a window sill in an urban apartment, a vegetable plot in a suburban garden, the yard of an American home, the ornate gardens of the Château de Versailles, the botanical gardens of Kew or the Zen-inspired gardens of Japan, the constant in all gardens is the presence of plants.

The Brief

We want you to consider plants in the broadest possible ways – their form, colour, size, texture, smell, taste, feel, associations, personalities, uses reputations, botanical names – and develop an eye-catching and informative outcome that interprets and celebrates plants and the concept of the garden and its role in our lives.

Use print, screen, combined media – the choice is yours – as long as it has a solid idea, informs and shows your typographic skills. Remember that words and language are our collateral and that your submission should be essentially typographic.

Anyways, I just thought I could use a little help to get some ideas flowing within the subject!

I've had a few of my own, like exploring the mechanics of plants, how they adapt to certain climates/environments, survive/feed (carnivorous plants)

Though one of my ideas which I feel stands out is looking into worth of a plant, and how they provided us with things like medicine/cures, oxygen, food, and air/water quality.

I've also been researching into flowers and their meanings (Apple Blossoms: Good fortune, Buttercup: riches, ingratitude etc.)

No final ideas should be around at this point, I just need to find a way to make a project about plants informative, without being too much like a fact book or something, and keeping it interesting.

But yeah any input would be fantastic!