Help to choose a course needed


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Hi everyone.

I am a 24 year old Marketing professional with an urge to get into design.

As I am a marketing manager and a member of a directors board I am unable to go back to uni but could free up time to do a part-time course.

I wondered if any of you kind people could point me in the direction of good courses. There are so many out there and I'm a complete beginner! But I want to actually design at the end of it. I'm located in Aylesbury but can commute to London, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire areas.

I had found one but I don't even know what the quality of the course is like (in terms of what's covered etc).

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.
If you want to get up to speed fast then look into Shillington College – Graphic Design Courses & Classes

There are a few threads about these courses around here already. I've heard mixed reviews. The work seems good, though as with any course, they will only show the best work to promote it. Ultimately I think people with prior design or creative knowledge and experience will benefit from an intense course more than those who are completely new. It all depends on the individual though.
The Interactive Design Institute (IDI) are a partner of the University of Hertfordshire. We deliver their BA (Hons) Graphic Design by distance learning, online. Our students are registered with UH and the qualification they are awarded is identical to that awarded to students who have taken the same course on an attendance basis. There's no need to attend at any time and you can study full time or part time. If you have existing qualifications (not necessarily in graphic design) and relevant design experience you may be eligible for direct entry. We've had a number of students come to us from a Marketing background. Our next start date is 8th October. You can apply at any time at Graphic Design Degrees | Interior Design Courses | Study Online @IDI - you can see examples of current student work in the gallery. Applying is free and you're under no obligation to enrol. For further information contact [email protected] or call 0800 917 1118 Best of luck.