Help out a complete novice ?


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Hi folks,

I'd really appreciate your help if its possible. I have no graphic design experience whatsoever but I want to do this properly.

I am putting together a website for my engineering company and we currently sell products in conjunction with about half a dozen partners.

I have a single page on my website that shows a small introduction to each partner and I'd like the logo of each partner to appear alongside the paragraph that talks about them.

My problem is that the logos are all different sizes and orientations and resizing them all so that the page looks neat and uniform when they are all lined up above each other is proving to be more difficult than I imagined.

What would be really useful to know, is if there are any hard and fast rules that I should work to when resizing logos for this sort of purpose ? Are there any articles out there I can read that would help me plan this project.

Some logos are perfectly square, whilst others are up to five times wider than the others, and one is three times taller. I could of course just pick the largest one and then resize all the others to the same size, but what is the best way to make sure I maintain the original look of a logo if I've got to squeeze one axis by half, or stretch another by five times ? How do I ensure that all logos look as prominant as each other on the page and none has masses of empty white space around it ?

Thanks in advance.
Sensible advice BH. If someone was logging onto to an engineering forum asking for similar assistance I'd no doubt say exactly the same thing.

Thanks again for taking the trouble to respond.