Help on how to inspire the studio


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Hi, I'm new to this forum and would love some ideas or thoughts about how to inspire our studio. We are all feeling rather down as a department due to various things going on at work. There have been a lot of redundancies, people being moved into positions they weren't hired to do. Our in-house design team (for which I'm one of the designers) may even disappear within the next year or so. Our Head of tries to inspire and motivate us, but not in the best way. I seem to be the only one seeing things in a good light and seeing what he's trying to do.

We are in an open plan environment and cannot put things up on the walls. Departments have white boards here and there which people can draw or stick things on with magnets. But it's just not inspiring enough. We would like to show off ideas visually and help spark other ideas off by visual reference, just as and when; not necessarily a dedicated creative session. I want to create a buzz, bring some life back into our team. Granted this is not my job, but we need to do something.

I did think about a team Pinterest board, but feel it's not immediate enough. Needs to be easy, accessible, immediate. There is a wall around the corner from us we could plaster with our work, but it's not in the immediate vicinity of our Head of, who is trying to inspire us. He needs to see how we tick, what we're thinking about etc.

If anyone can help, it would be really appreciated. Maybe others have experienced the same and can give advice. Maybe all we can do is jazz up a whiteboard and really make it stand out.

Ah yes, never even thought of a screen saver! Us designers are all on our own macs unlike the rest of the company (who are on PCs and using Sunray). So could be doable. Mood boards are good too, which is why I thought of Pinterest. Thanks very much.