Help needed: graphic design


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Hi fellow designers

I am currently on the process of becoming a graphic design intern at a beauty company. However before they decide to give me the position, they have given me a brief to do. Please read the following:

I would like to see your beauty/feminine style, here is a small brief for you.

I would like you to design the layout for a box for Mother’s Day campaign, I would need the layout for the lid and the bottom, attached are the cutter guides to use.

Could you please make it look in line with the brand, we need something girly but still elegant (below some examples)

Could you please integrate the pictures of the products (attached) on the bottom of the box, with a fake copy.

Now, I understand most of it but the very last part. Please explain to me what she meant by fake copy? I have not heard of this term before. Perhaps I am new to print design. But I cannot find anything online

what I think she meant is she wants an artwork of all the products and then a fake copy of the ingredients? Like most beauty gift boxes. That's my only interpretation

Please tell me what you think and any advice? Thank you :)
Of course you should do it! Just make clear the terms of ownership. Sounds an interesting project. Fake copy - typically LI, but I suspect they mean for you to pen something suitable.