Help - Bleed


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Hi guys, I'm having a blank mind moment and need a hand.

I'm working in Photoshop CS4 on an image given to me by a client. The size of the image is 164.13 x 101.23 cm.

I've added some bits and pieces to it, now he's asking me to send the image back, with a 3mm bleed around it. Obviously I can't enlarge the image by 3mm as this is the full size, so he's going to lose 3mm all the way round. My problem is, I've totally forgotten how to go about adding the 3mm bleed over this image.

Just increase your canvas size by 3mm on each edge and add some bleed (assuming its a solid colour). Otherwise you will need to increase the size of the image to scale. I do think that you should have more than 3mm bleed for the size of the document.
I won't be able to just increase canvas size by 3mm and add some colour, as it's an image of some people. Am I basically just increasing the image size by 3mm to get the bleed?
I didnt realise this file was so big actually. He only wants a hi-res version for a bloody A5 flyer. Geez.
In which case, I'd set up a new photoshop document at 154 x 216mm 300dpi and scale the image down. Will save you trying to send a massively bloated file to the client or the printer.