Paul Murray

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Hello everyone,

As you may have guessed my name's Paul, I'm from Manchester and I've just started a BA (Hons) Graphic Design course, despite being nearly 25 years of age.

Originally I was working as a CAD technician for an engineering firm, but despite the creative-sounding title it was very restrictive, and offered little in the way of creative freedom and so I decided to return to education and follow a career in the creative industry.

I decided enrol on a Moving Image BTEC but fell in love with the art and design side of the course and so opted
to follow that route into higher education, and not do film studies like the majority of my peers.

I'm hoping I'll get plenty of helpful feedback and advice from the community, as well as offering my snippets of advice here and there.

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Hi Paul

A warm welcome to the Graphic Design Forums, enjoy your stay :icon_wink:

P.S Don't forget to spread the word about us at Uni :icon_thumbup:



Paul Murray

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I'm not good with numbers so accounting, or anything that involves maths is never going to be a choice for me in terms of career.

For some reason, when I start reading numbers or equations, my mind just starts to wander and plays a little tune in my head, kind of like Homer Simpson when he has no idea what's going on :p