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Well. I found this forum earlier today, and decided to sign up. So far i see that there are many talented designers here and i hope to become one at some point ;)

I have been using photoshop for around 2 and a half years (using an older version (CS) until recently when i was gifted a copy of CS4 by my dads designer friend) and am currently learning how to code in HTML. I have my own online portfolio that you can find here, before you ask. Yes, my age from my website is correct, however give it 2 month and it will be one year older. (if this isnt allowed, please remove the link)

I may be the youngest member here (you can find out on my site) but i hope to become just as good as some of you [/Joke] I love it here!

Thanks Guys and Girls
The one and only, Shaun Read


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Hi Shaun, welcome to the forum. Had a look at your online portfolio, it's good. I'm 6 years older than you and still don't have one set up. I'll look into it in the summer.

They didn't offer GCSE or A Level Graphic Design at my school, I'm sure you'll fly through them, you seem very focused and enthusiastic. It's impressive you're learning how to code. See you around the forum,



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Thanks :)
Im suprised you werent offered a GCSE or A Level in your school. In ours they have had them going for well over 6 years...

Im hoping to get my work more popular so i can raise some money for life from my most loved hobbie ever :). I've been doing it for well over a year all for free just so i can get some stuff for my portfolio :3