Hello world!


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I'm a newbie here:

I'm a recent grad with tons of work experience who is look for permanent work!

Please take a minute to view my website (under construction) and my blog!!!

Foxy Design

E-mail - cr@igfox.co.uk

Take time to read and comment... i'd like to gather a community!

Enjoy :p

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Hey Craig

Welcome to the Graphic Design Forums...don't forget to give us a mention on your blog :icon_wink:


hi Foxy-
the website's nice (although needs a bit of finishing- especially on the portfolio page- i wanted to see you work in much greater detail.)
Get rid of the bit that starts "Craig Fox" on your About section. Don't crack on that you're a one-man band. Allude to being bigger than you are & people will feel a lot more comfortable about giving you larger jobs. The alternative is- be v.clear that you're a freelancer. Foxy Design alludes to an agency rather than an individual.

Also, your logo needs a bit of fine-tuning. The concept's brilliant but the execution doesn't do you any justice.

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Hi Gem,
Thank you for your feedback...

Ye the portfolio side of things i'm working on at the moment. Site only went live a few days ago and I want to make it look nice!

With regards to the logo what would you suggest I do with it? It would be good to get your opinion.

I'm going to fine tune the wording on the page as you say!

Your help is appreciated!



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I've made some relevant updates to my site!

Added a portfolio which will have to do for now!
Only little bits of commercial work... most noticeably magazine work as I have been working for a publishing house for the past 3 months.

My only worry is the lack of commercial work, though there is some, my portfolio shows a diverse range of work.
Nice one.
I'm going to use your logo as a talking point tomorrow with my designers, then I'll give you a bit of feedback.
IMHO it just looks a little bit cobbled together and more reminiscent of an extreme sports website than a freshly graduated graphic designer.