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Outlook Designs

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We are two qualified Architects who have been running a business based from Manchester UK, Outlook Designs, since 2007. We are now looking for freelance designers/developers to help us with a number of design projects we're increasingly involved with.

Part of our business includes computer modelling and graphic communication for the Architecture profession. However our creative design workload has become more important to our business in the past three years, especially with the recession!

We've been able to operate a design practice, outsourcing work to people we know where we can, but have now come to the point where we feel that we want to offer a more comprehensive set of services as a complete package for our clients:

- Web Development
- Graphic Design and Branding
- Online Marketing
- 3D Visualisation

A lot of our work is concerned with the built environment, through the architectural professions. As such, we have a strong background in design, presentation and the communication of ideas.

Please get in contact if you would be interested working with us on our current and future projects.


Peter & Richard