Hello Graphic Designers, I'm The New Guy I Guess...

Steven James

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Hello GraphicDesignForums members, my name is Steven James and I'm the new guy :)

I hate writing introductions... I never really know what to say so I'll just tell you all a little about myself and why I joined the forums.

Firstly my name is Steven, I am 18 years young and I'm from East Anglia in the UK.

Right now my financial situation isn't the greatest in the world, I'm on "Income Support" benefit but I pay that to my mum for keep, I have no problem doing so only it means my income is zilch.

I have a passion for anything creative and to do with design. Since a young age I have loved anything to do with art and design, I used to buy small remote control cars then paint them, rip them apart and solder LEDs I stole from school to the circuit board to make neon underlights lol.

If you was to look back through my school books there is a doodle of some kind on every other page, usually a character or piece of graffiti.

I started designing websites when I was 12 years old, I used to use freewebs to host them and use free templates from the internet for the coding then replace the template graphics with my own. Over time I began to get a knowledge of HTML and CSS through tutorials and reading the source code to websites and working out what each piece of code does. - I am a MASSIVE fan of Reverse Engineering, I've used it to learn pretty much everything I have ever "self taught" myself.

I haven't had a PC in about 13 months now, and recently was given a *shite* pc from a friend of a friend. The PC I am using has a 20GB hard disk drive LOL.

Since I have my PC now and it's been such a long time since I've been on the internet. I've spent the last few weeks browsing and some of the stuff I've come across has got me itching to get back into the thing I love and enjoy - Design!

I, and many people who know me, say that I'm a bright lad in all areas, not being boastful but I dominate almost everything I do, it's just in my nature. But I HATE working 9-5 boring jobs, they just are not for me. And I need to work there is no question about that, so I'm focusing ALL my efforts on Design.

Since I've "been away" there appears to have been alot of changes to the internet, aswell as there being things which I know now which I was too young to know about before, like SEO for example. Also HTML seems to have been outdated and replaced with the new XHTML and website standards are no longer HTML TABLES but CSS DIVs.

First thing I did when my "fire" was flared up is download a moody copy of Photoshop CS3 and I'm now waiting on Dreamweaver. - Though I'm thinking about not using Dreamweaver at all and just learning to write code in notepad from scratch or photoshop slices.

Now here's a little about my personality - I'm abit strange. Lol who isn't? - What I mean by that is I have an almost extreme hunger for knowledge and intellegence. I want to the best, period. I think I have this need because all through my school life I was one of the best in nearly every subject, It came naturally to me. Along with reading alot of "Artimis Fowl", a story about a Teenage Criminal Mastermind when in my early teens and reading and studying The Art of War and books by Einstein and Machiavelli nowdows. The thing is with me is that I had all this knowledge but didn't ever use it, I put it to waste, until recently when I heard two quotes in one day which has changed me completely - "Knowledge is Power, however knowledge without application is NOTHING" - Bruce Lee & "So you want to be the best, and your lazy, your insane" - Canibus (american rapper).

Anyway, my goals now are to focus on improving my design skills and creativity. Working on my XHTML and CSS knowledge and then hopefully progress onto JavaScript and other webmaster type things.

I joined this forum, in all honesty, because I done a Google search looking for a community like this one where I could fit in, meet other graphic designers and people with similar interests and learn and teach. I looked at a few but they all seemed to be overcrowded and filled with junk, then I found this forum which appears to have a clean look and feel and some decent people who get along with each other, so I choose to join this forum only :)

Sorry for the super long introduction, it's been a long time since I've done this and I'm older now lol. So hello, I look forward to the future here.

Steven James


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Hey Steven.

What a first post 'n' that.

I'm also a young designer learning the trade, will catch you around the forums.

dot design

Wow! Sounds like your ready to take over the world there Steven! :icon_smile:
Welcome to the forum, make yourself at home...