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Hello everybody, I'm Conan, I'm from Ireland but I've been living in Paris for many years now ...

I'm a coder by nature so I hope I can help out with the coding sub-forum here - I do java, ruby, javascript, and a bit of css and html here and there.

One of my projects is an online icon editor and library which I started working on out of frustration with the kinds of icon resources I had available as a developer in a corporate context (previous life) - it was difficult to find the right icon, and it was difficult to tweak icons so they were right for my project at the time. Now I want to build this icon tool into a serious professional-quality online application, perhaps even a platform and community around icon sharing and development. I'm hoping some of you need to find or draw icons from time to time and have strong opinions on this topic. If so, I'd really love to hear them!

Looking forward to meeting you all

cheers -

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Hi Conan

Welcome to the Graphic Design Forums | Website Design Forums.

We needed some more professionals to help out in our coding section so great to have you on board.

I love Paris, such a cool City.


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Hi Conan, welcome :).

When you've got something online on the icon project front post it up for us to have a look at.


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Thanks everyone for this warm welcome!

The icon site is called iconfu, it has been up for a few months now although it's only in the past few weeks that it's sufficiently unembarrassing to show around. It's an online icon editor combined with a library of open-source icons, the idea being that you either find the icon you need in the library, or find one that's close enough and tweak it in the editor, or failing that, just draw a new icon from scratch. The library allows any registered user share their work with the world (as long as it's creative-commons-licensed), so it might be useful as a kind of icon portfolio platform.

All of the icons iconfu uses have been drawn using iconfu - the "eat your own dog food" principle, so you can see (1) what it's capable of, and (2) what a terrible icon designer I am ... but in any case this approach proves that each feature of the site has been useful to me at least, and therefore is possibly useful to others.

But being a coder I have no idea how professional icon designers work or what kinds of tools they need, so for the moment I don't know if iconfu will remain limited to occasional and amateur icon artists, or whether it might become popular with professional, fulltime designers.

For example, it has no support for persistent layers, although there is a layer-like feature that is useful while drawing. Another feature I imagine might be popular is the ability to apply edits to a whole set of icons at once - for example, you have a bunch of transparent icons but you want them all on a rounded, opaque, blue background, because that's what works for your client's site. Instead of laboriously applying the same modification over and over to each icon, you do it to one and it's applied to all the others you've selected. Iconfu doesn't do this. I suspect it could be a killer feature, but I have to admit cluelessness on this point.

Hence, calling all icon designers: what feature in an icon drawing tool would really make your day?

http://iconfu.com (edit: firefox3/safari/opera only)

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