Hello from Middlesbrough!


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Hey everyone,

I've recently started out as a freelance Graphic Designer in the Middlesbrough / Teesside area. After struggling to find work after graduating, I've decided to give freelancing a go.
I'm hoping to find some bits of advice from people on this forum about how to market myself and get the ball rolling to start getting a steady flow of clients.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated :)

This is my website:

Daniel Berry - Freelance Graphic Designer, Middlesbrough, UK.
Hi Dan - maybe a reply that is a bit late for you - but useful for anyone else that comes across it.....

I too struggled to go straight into employment after graduating from Teesside University (lack of experience usually the common factor) So I just started my career by first doing a few design jobs for mates for free/few quid etc (leaflet design etc - whatever needed doing), then once word got about I got more money for my efforts. Then as my valuable commercial experience built up, I managed to get some proper well-paid jobs in. Then it was a case of going on to work freelance within design agencies, I now had quite a bit f experience doing different projects. I was then pursuaded to go and work for an agency. The rest is history - and my CV now is wide and varied. When I look back, the jobs i done in the early days - whilst maybe not the best paying - they provided a great foundation for my career. And I've always told anyone who asks my advice - if you have the talent, are hard-working, and you don't give up easily- then you can make a go of any creative career. The breaks will eventually come!

Stuart Hodgson - Freelance Graphic Designer in Teesside & North-East


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Hi Daniel, I am also new to this forum but have been marketing companies now for quite some time. Id suggest using google keyword tool to find out what keywords you should be aiming at with regards google. Ive had a little look for you and graphic design middlesbrough gets around 320 searches a month. That doesn't seem too bad to me. Especially as in your line of work one job could equal many hundreds. Maybe try buying the domain graphic design middlesbrough. That would be a good start. Obviously internet will only take you so far. You may want to don the suit and meet some prospective clients. Good luck.