Hello from Fife


Hi folks,
I am Mark, currently living in Fife, Scotland.
Having worked my way up from print finisher to digital press operator, pre-press and then onto designer, and finally to a senior designer level over the last ten years I am currently unemployed and looking for work.
Having been un-employed for the last while (to long) I am considering doing a course to improve my re-employment chances.
The last place I worked was a publisher, and some of the magazines I done there are viewable at Untitled Document.
I will post details of the courses I am considering in a more appropriate thread for some opinions.

I look forward to chatting to you all,

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Hi Mark

Welcome to the Graphic Design Forums.

Sorry to hear you are unemployed at the moment, like you say maybe a course of some sorts would enhance your chances of getting a job, post in the main forum the ones you are considering and we will advise the best we can.

Going freelance is also another possible route.



Pixels Ink

Hi Mark,
Good to hear from a Fifer :)

Hope you find something soon, whether it be full time employment or on a freelance basis.

Col (fae Dundee)

PS. Your supposed to get some very heavy snow this weekend!


Thanks Boss & Pixel Ink for the welcome!
I will post regarding the courses in the main forum as suggested :icon_thumbup:

Your supposed to get some very heavy snow this weekend
Happy days, lol, I might charge up the batterys for the camera and head out, would be nice to get a days shooting at some nice Scottish locations with the snow.


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Welcome Mark!

Sorry to hear of your unemployment, I hope things get better for you on the employment front!

See you around the forums.


Back again

Hi all.... not been on here in ages, not been doing much.
I have spent the last lot of months in and out of hospital etc, and not got as much internet time as I would normally like.

So, time to dust of the mac, dig out the graphics tablet and get back to work.
Loads of plans for the path I will be taking, but more news on that when I finally decide myself :icon_hide: