Hello fellow design people


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Quick bit about me
Born n Bred in London, grew to hate the place for one reason or another so took my graphic and web design skills to lovely Cornwall which, as it turns out, seems to be saturated with designers and design agencies probably due to Falmouth Design University.
Iv been in the design and print industry for well over 15 years and have spent the past 2 years as a freelancer. There's not much time for designing when you have to do accounts, meet clients, prepare quotes and invoices and manage client files and backups blah blah blah. Im not painting a good picture of freelancing here am i?
It is great and i do love it but it is also very hard to make a decent living out of it. Maybe it's just Cornwall being a poor County with a lot of competition.
I eat, sleep and dream design stuff and would love to get back into Illustration when i have more free time (what the hell is free time?) working for yourself and having two kids means there is no such thing as free time anymore...
Anyway, that's me , here i am, look forward to reading and contributing to the posts, OH and selling a load of printed materials through stationery-direct