Hello everyone!


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I would just like to say it's a pleasure meeting with you guys on this awesome forum. My name is Tim Mizon, and i'm a Graphic Designer (Well i like to call myself that). I am 16 years of age and been doing Graphics for about 6 months now.

I have a portfolio Tim Mizon - Graphic Designer hopefully you can have a look at comment on what you think. But im hopefully going to college next year to do a Graphic course. (Hopefully)

Hope to see you around!



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hi i too like to call myself a graphic designer, i am a little older than you at 25 but have been working with photoshop now for the past couple of years on and off, mainly due to work being in the way.

cool site, i especially like the poster with the star, heres a freewebs site i knocked up with some of the stuff i have done on it, feel free to browse.

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