Hello and help required for a newbie?


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Hello to everyone,

My name is Simon, I am currently a Senior Creative Artworker. I have had over 20 years experience in the industry, working for various blue-chip agencies and design consultancies. Producing work for the likes of PlayStation, Jane Asher, Little Chef and AstraZeneca, to name but a few.

But, because of ever worsening recession I am now currently facing redundancy. I thought it may be worth me posting this up on the forum in case anybody knew of anybody that is currently recruiting in the Manchester/Cheshire area?

If anybody would be interested in looking at my comprehensive portfolio, please feel free to email me and i'll send a PDF over to you. Thanks to everyone in advance for taking time out to read this thread... and fingers crossed!

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Hi Simon

Welcome to the graphic design forums.

Sorry to hear you are facing redundancy and hope it doesn't come to that for you, if I hear of anything near to you I will let you know. Seen a few jobs online but all seem to be in London, would you consider relocating there?

What about going freelance?

Hope you stick around the forums.



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Hi Simon,
I'd love to see some examples of your work. As Boss says, if your up for it I may be able to freelance some work to you as and when it comes in.



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Hi Boss/Col,

Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately, London would be out of the question to relocate to. As for freelancing I am considering having to go back to that, as I was doing it for a few years after I got made redundant from a previous position at another company. It's just hit a bit hard at the moment with my wife also being made redundant from Volkswagen but hey ho, only 12 days to Boxing Day!

Col thanks for taking time out to have a glance at my portfolio, I have emailed it over to your business address 'info@'. Please let me know what you think... cheers guys.



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Hi Simon.

Can't offer anything on the job front but good luck with finding the job, I would advise emailing your portfolio & CV to all the graphic companies you can think of in that area, it's worth a try.


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Hi Fred,

Thanks for the reply. That is my next port of call actually. I have spent the weekend updating my Portfolio and firing it over to all the recruitment consultants I can think of so fingers crossed.