Have you seen this Nissan Cube - design genius or disaster


argh! my eyes!!

Design like that should be left to interior designers for home use :icon_rolleyes:

It kinda looks like an 80s interpretation of what cars would look like in 2010 :icon_yucky:


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I have seen a few of these around town lately, they make people stare - which i guess is a big part of the appeal. I think young trendy types seem to go for these. as for my opinion, well i like it


They should be your right :icon_wink:

in-line 3 cylinders
12 valve (4 per cylinder)
1 ltr
(0-60) - 12.8s

My fav bit:

mpg = 33/41 max.....LOL!!! :icon_rolleyes: Fail...
I really like it - at least it's something a little bit different. And it's not trying to ape something form the past like my most hated car, the 'new mini' (BMW 0.5 series).

There's a few interesting car designs about at the minute. Really like the new Citroen DS and the new Megane coupe too. And some of the stuff that Alfa are doing. Shame they'll fall apart within seconds. I wonder why nobody can design a striking looking car that's also reliable?