have you ever had this problem? (browser)


Somebody I know has a Vista laptop, they have Firefox/Chrome/IE for browsers -
They asked me to come over because "the internet is not working on this laptop" (but is on their other laptop)

When I looked into it, the connection (wifi) was solid and showed no problems as far as signal strength was concerned - Skype connected and worked perfectly (proving that the wifi connection was genuine) -

So, I opened IE and straight away it displayed the all too familiar "you are not connected to the internet" fault page, I opened Firefox/Chrome and they displayed the same message.

I was puzzled as to how 3 browsers are 'dead' even though the connection was fine (skype proven).

I then went ahead with a "system restore" (back in time one week, which is a date where everything worked fine) - after the restore, IE worked! (but firefox/chrome still did not)

Windows Updates then prompted to be installed - So I went ahead and installed them - after the mandatory restart from the windows updates, I was back to square one! (IE went back into its "no connection" behaviour) - (firefox/chrome still not working either). So, I system restored again and once again IE worked, I obviouly did not install the windows updates this time as it seemed to be the problem (I turned off automatic updates and voluntarily restarted the machine one more time to check that IE still worked - which it did). (I never was able get firefox/chrome to work. When I had IE working, I uninstalled firefox/chrome and then downloaded-reinstalled them to which they still did not work).

The owner of the laptop was happy that all was good, and I was on my way, all in the confidence that it was sorted (even if turning automatic updates off is unadvised)

- Turns out that IE is not working again - Does anybody know if this is a common/recent problem? or if there is a known fix?
(There is a chance that updates had been installed somehow again which has caused the same problem, but there is also a chance that it is something different - either way I'm not thrilled about the idea of taking money every week just to go and perform a system restore - and yes, explaining to this person how to do it themselves is not an option, they seriously have no concept of how to do such things.

Thanks for reading, if anyone has experienced/heard of a similar problem then please respond - It MUST surely be a recent problem due to the windows updates as everything was perfect 2/3 weeks ago and this problem only occured within the past 7-10 days. - Once again, the laptop runs on Vista - Thanks