Has anyone had experience with Red Tie file to print program?


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We are looking for someone to help us decide as to whether to go with a program called Red Tie which will allow our customers to edit a design on our website and then once confirmed the file gets sent straight to print.

Disadvantage to the program is that Red Tie has limits as to how you can showcase your designs/goods on it's our system, we are ideally wanting a website (front house) which is a typical store and then once the customer decides which product they want, they would simply click edit and it would take them onto the editing page (which would be a red tie page) where they would then go onto edit the product.

So what we are after is advice on the subject


Is anyone able to do their own program on a website for file to print work?

Hi, have you heard of Templatecloud.com? It's a library of over 12,000 editable online design templates built by real designers. It's been plugged into the W3Shops platform. This lets you build a full webshop that showcases the design library. The editor comes with a built in Fotolia image library. So your customers can choose a design, edit online, checkout and have it printed by you. Also lets customers upload their own files for printing. Here's the website: http://www.w3p.com/uk/w3shop/
What framework are you intending building this site on? Or does Red Tie deal with the whole job? I'm working on something similar and have found the most solutions for customising products are based on Magento. They range from one I'm intending using called Custom Product Preview at £130 right up to solutions costing in excess of £16,000. If you're intending making a sizable investment it's worth looking at all the options.
Red Tie does deal with the whole job, however the interface is not to the standard we are wanting as it is to standard and boring with no jquery or anything. We were intending on building a front house website to be all 'flashy' then when a customer finds the design they want have an option to press edit, which would then take them through to our site on Red Tie with the chosen design on and away they go editing it and complete the transaction also.

Bigdave do you have a email address you could send me so we could discuss this further?
There are loads of Web To Print systems on the market. Red Tie is one of the better known in digital print circles. You need to check the hosting costs, price per click etc.

I'd have a look at Vpress also.

The marketplace seems to be flooded with software firms offering W2P solutions, so take your time and check out as many as possible before taking the plunge!

Are you looking to drive work to a digital press such as a Igen or Indigo?
Ar yes i have heard of red tie, looked a good program very costy though specially for small businesses:( if i can remember it wasn't very easy to have your own site design and Red Tie does it. I found this site whilst searching. http://www.w3p.com/uk/w3shop/