Happy Christmas

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The title says it all! We are finishing midday (ish) tomorrow - but let me say it now: happy Christmas to all GDF members. For us it has been a good year and GDF has certainly help with a steady flow of high quality info and feedback.

Special thanks to Boss Hog - owning a business brings certain pleasures (and pains!) - one of those pleasures has been getting to know the Boss (and Daisy Duke / Deputy Sherif Ethan).

Very best wishes.

Peter x


Right back at ya!

Its a weird time for me as yesterday was the last day for me at work with nothing new lined up for next year! Hopefully things work out in the new year and I join you business owners!

Happy Christmas to everyone, and hope the new year brings lots of joy and good luck (and lush design jobs for those on here who are seeking employment!)




Happy Christmas to you all too! :icon_smile:

Came back home to Colchester from university almost a fortnight ago now, but still plenty to do before I return whence I came!

Hey sorry for no replies , My laptop is still being fixed which means My creativity has died really.
Im looking forward to 2011 , to assert my design authority. To produce some awesome designs and typography and I'd like to thank all of you for a wonderfull time here

on behalf of me , Merry christmas! ( I dont celebrate christmas , its too media hyped )