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Haven't seen a post about this so thought I'd post it up for designers looking for work-placements/jobs.

Graphic design jobs United Kingdom: Printing design jobs

You've probably heard of Gumtree, it's a listings site - cars, furniture etc, but also includes a good job board. Businesses simply post jobs to it and invite people to apply.

You get a lot of design agencies posting ads offering work placement opportunities, a lot of posts from design agencies looking for freelancers to work with, ads for actual contract opportunities within agencies and ads for specific projects looking for quotes. The good thing is, 95% of the time, these people have a realistic budget to work with.

No work upfront, no free work, they usually just ask to see a cv and portfolio (which is uploaded with the application) along with the quote - then they'll pick someone to go with.

Like with all of these sorts of sites, you occasionally get ads that arn't willing to pay or are offering 'portfolio pieces' or future work etc, but not all that often.

Brilliant site, it's given me a shed load of work and built up a decent contact list for me.

Check it out. :icon_thumbup: