GRR! I live with a philestine! Please help....


Hello, I just done this in rough you understand. I have nobody here to bounce ideas off and my husband has no idea what he's looking at! What do you think? Would really appreciate any's been nearly 12 years since I did any work! Eeek! :icon_rolleyes:

Thanks in advance



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It looks very familiar - not in a way that it looks very much like something specific but rather that it looks like lots and lots of other stuff I've seen.
Tiangridge or iangridge? Is there a letter T slightly raised up, if so why? Find this hard to read personally.

I'm with Dave looks familiar and dont think it would get noticed in a crowd.
On other points, the rounded box you've used for the details has been stretched as the corners are a bit distorted, and is it just me or is the whole image completely washed out?
Thanks for that and I agree entirely! Thanks for being so constructive I was afraid what the response would be! lol It was done very quickly and was a trial at getting to grips with it again. Got a new system and haven't used the packages in that long too so it's amazing how foggy your mind gets as you get older! Coming back a bit now mind! Was wondering...if it got torn to shreds I may not have bothered continuing! lol :icon_smile:

Oh it's my name...T Langridge.
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Gathered you were female from the colours... but why not put your name on there also? T could stand for so many names!!! Remember your card is possibly the thing the prospect will use to contact you and he/she would like to know if 'T' answers the phone. A name is very helpful!
Are you being kind because I'm new? lol All very fare points! Was expecting to be slated! lol :icon_blushing: