I am new here, and as such thought I had better tell you a little about myself. Not sure what the protocol is, but if I give you all of the information then you can discount what you don't want to read.

I am a designer of all things graphic. I am also a trained illustrator and offer copywriting services too.
My role is senior designer for a graphic design studio in Surrey who offer design for both print and online media, including website design, build, hosting and SEO as well as Flash animation.

We try to make it easier for our clients to get everything they need in one go, a true one stop shop with an experienced team who share their expertise from different disciplines to create effective solutions.

Looking forward to being of service to anyone who has need...



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Hi Angie, welcome to the forums :).

Just had a browse of your site, your portfolio took quite a while to load and put me off viewing. I'm currently in a class room though, at college, so that may have something to do with it. How quick does it load for everyone else?