My wife, an editorial designer, really has more right to be here than I do (or at least she would have if it weren't for the 'UK' bit - she's Spanish and we have always lived in Madrid). I'm a Spanish-English translator, myself, and a web - what? I consider myself more of a content provider than anything else, and I dabble in web development (the usual stuff, php, MySQL, usually adapting CMSs like WordPress, Drupal, Ziikula (the old PostNuke) and so on). I am light years away from being a designer of any ilk, but. on the one hand, I need to acquire some rudiments of design for my own web work, and on the other, I need source/inspirational material for our blogs and this looks like a fine place to find some (I've added the URLs to my signature, hope that's OK - someone please put me right if it isn't. Oh, it isn't! I expect I need more privileges for my siggie to show).
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Hi mate, I'm a newbie here too. I think half of it is networking and making good contacts, so you're off to a good start!