Green Tea (Give it a try)

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I have recently (3 months or so) started drinking Green Tea, at first it wasn't my cup of tea :icon_smile: however, after a couple of cups I actually really like it now and only drink this during the day.

It is a fantastic anti-oxidant with proven health benefits including stopping certain cancer cells from growing. I have also been around and living with people that have had Swine Flu, I'm not saying this is a miracle cure or a prevention but touch wood I have not had it my tip of the day if you don't already drink it is to give it a try.....

Not convinced?.....
Green tea (Chinese tea): Cancer Research UK: CancerHelp UK

BBC NEWS | Health | Green tea 'can block cancer'


Green tea is great stuff, I drank gallons of the stuff in China (ironically). I agree with Boss Hog, and its good for your skin and complexion. And the Chinese know their medicine....
I actually love the stuff, but I bought some which was a touch dry though, so I reverted back to pg.
But it's great, I went to a Japanese restaurant the other week and had green tea, everytime I looked back at my cup, it had been refilled. Also got a funky box of the stuff in china town from some funny little shop (didn't rate the sweets much mind), even the smell of the nectar soothes ones head.