green design / green office??

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I am thinking about going as green as possible in my business and to create some campaign to promote green print and other graphics among clients and designers.

I faced some opinions that green print & production is unattractive because:
> more expensice
> papers, inks, materials, print quality are aesthetically unattracitve
> people don't believe 'green' products is better, because of lots of greenwash they face.

Anyone working as green designers there? Can you share your experience?
How clients react when you suggest them green alternatives?

Would be nice to hear your opinions!!
We offered 100% recycled stock on our website for 12 months, it was marginally more expensive than our standard FSC certified stock, we had probably 10 orders all year. People love to talk about being green but when it comes down to it saving a couple of quid seems to be more important!!

At least that's been our experience with it hence we removed the options from our website...and now only print on 100% recycled stock if specifically requested.

I also think it depends on the type of client you intend to target, large corporate companies have the funds and are more inclined to go with being eco-friendly, where as to small start up businesses cost is more important.
One of the main points of eco-friendliness for a company is to get brownie points for quality control, things like ISO 9000 /1400 certification. This is particularly important for many businesses, not only large companies, supplying or subcontracting to public administrations. To get paid from monies originating from the EU, for example, ISO certification is often indispensable. So to get the most benefit from that kind of product line, it might make sense to target companies with that level of quality control. Just a thought.