Greek Characters in fonts...

DannyBoy Austin

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...Hi all, i'm looking for a bit of advice if anyone can help out with please.

I've not come across this type of problem before so i thought i'd run it passed the gurus first!
Ok, I have to put together a corporate guideline for a scientific far so good...One problem I am faced with, although i'm not sure if its a problem or the typeface. Basically we need to choose a universal font, and here's the tricky bit, it needs to be:

A) Available to everyone
B) Available as a web font and
C) Needs to have Greek and mathematical characters such as Alpha, Beta, Epsilon icons as part of the same font style.
This rules out Symbol which contains all these characters, but not in the same style as say, Arial for instance

Does anyone know of a font that i could use that would incorporate Greek characters?

Thanks for reading!