Great retail opportunity as I don't have time!


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Hi people,

I was approached by a company through a friend re a very cool start up project which will end up in retail stores. I was all set to do it but I've got another paid job I can't pass up. The idea is fantastic but they have little or no money (as always!) but it's guaranteed great exposure for any designer. Below is the orginal pitch they sent to me. If anyone fanices it, drop me a line and I'll give you my friends details. They need a super quick turnaround too. Laters. Padsworth

I’m currently working on a retail project which is set to launch for the 2009 Christmas period. I am looking for a graphic designer to work with us on this project and would appreciate your advice on the most pro-active method in approaching new and existing talent. The work will be unpaid for the first stage so I am approaching it along the lines of how this will be a great showcase for the work of the designer. The prospective audience is huge. We are looking for an innovative designer to design a logo, gift box packaging and a retail stand. All packing and relevant marketing collateral will be full credited to the designer.

Below is a brief outline of the project:
‘City Life – A gift of culture’ brings nine of London’s most prestigious museums together in a unique collaboration.

The aim of this project is to deliver annual membership as the perfect gift to the general public with each membership presented in a high quality gift box customised and branded to reflect the museum it represents.

People are always searching for the perfect gift and something that has meaning and reflective of the person they are buying for. City Life is that gift.

We already have confirmed buy-in from the various London museums and have scheduled meetings with our target retailers. Myself and the other two members in the company all have years of experience in this specific area.

If you can be of any help, it would be greatly appreciated.
All packing and relevant marketing collateral will be full credited to the designer.

Where? big letters on all printed products? Or, by word of mouth if somebody happens to ask?

I just think if this was such a fantastic opportunity you would make the time yourself, especially for a friend.

I normally remove these posts but will leave it up just incase somebody is interested, this springs to mind though... YouTube - Harlan Ellison -- Pay the Writer
Agree but my friend understands thankfully. The credit will appear on the printed material.