Graphics Tablet Recommendations

Hello everyone,

Can anyone suggest a good graphics tablet? I've noticed the performance of mine is dropping; I think I've worked it to death over the last few years.

I've been looking at one on Amazon (below) just wondered if anyone had this model that could give me some feedback?

(I prefer ones with a bigger surface area)

Thank you!


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Wacom do all sizes. I've been using a medium size one for years and would never use another brand.


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Wacom is famous for tablets and also Huion. You can choose from these two according to your need of specifications. There are many different varieties you can choose from. I would always suggest you to take the one with bigger ram. The ram is what makes it smoother and faster. Also take the one with bigger space. We sometimes think that why should we choose a tablet with more space and more ram. We should always choose a device with higher specifications.