Graphic/UI Designer Needed for Educational Website


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I've been making photoshop tutorials for a while and have recently begun work on a website to 'host' these videos: PS Tuts
Currently I have built a simple 'Coming Soon' page with a target of 7 months to complete the website by. As there aren't any modern websites out there that are completely about photoshop tutorials, I figured that it was about time that we had one.

I'm looking for someone who would be willing to design me a front/landing page for the website as a .psd so I could then go in and slice it up for the coding process. If you're able to preview the 'coming soon' page you can see that the logo is pretty naff at the moment and it would be great if this person wouldn't mind giving some logo design a go. I imagine that the colour scheme of the front page would be based off of the logo but that's entirely up to you!

Design wise, I'm looking to create something responsive to compete with websites like the Khan Academy, with a clean, modern UI. Users will be able to navigate to the courses page where they can select from a variety of courses (e.g. beginner, intermediate - subdivided up into topics) and on selecting a course, the introductory video will load with the list of videos floated to the left. As you can see, not much has been finalised or thought out, but work has really yet to begin. The tutorials will be recorded by me, and possibly others, to a much better standard than what was linked at the start of the post and I have some ideas on how to do that.

This project wouldn't be something that I would expect you to devote lots of time to, just some work every now and then. I'm willing to split any profits that we do make with the team (it is only me at the moment and possibly one other person so that to comes 33%). Admitidly, I don't want this website to be all about profit and any adverts placed on the website will be out of the way or not very large. However, I am willing to advertise your portfolio and an 'about you' section on the 'About Us' page.

If you're interested, send me a PM and I'll give you my skype or if you prefer, we can communicate through other means.