Graphic Designer Quote - iPhone App


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I am currently designing a iPhone App Game and i am wondering how much it would cost to get the following produced by a :

- Professional Designer
- Student Designer

The work that would need to be completed would be:

- 10 different world backgrounds (All different Themes)
- Characters (Their quite simple, like squares and triangles)
- Homepage, etc
- Logo Icon for the game
- My Company Logo
So pretty much all the Graphics within the game and more!

If someone could give me a quote for this I would be grateful! And I am also going to be hiring for this, so if you want to know more inbox me (Please leave links to your work)

Poyzer x
Hi Poyzer,

I've just sent you a PM about this. I'm just coming off the back of one iPhone app/game design and I'd love to get stuck straight into another one!