Graphic Design work for SEO

I am willing to lend my help of graphic design services in return for someone to help with SEO on my website.

PM me or shoot me an email.
Hi there, just some free advice that I can offer - I would not recommend having your entire website on a single URL / page. I would suggest splitting it up into different sections at least or go as far to have each project with its own description and keywords to exist on its own page and URL. That way search engines can see all the relevant content together so that when someone searches with a specific query, it is more likely a more relevant page on your website will be returned. There's things such as keyword density - if you have a single page which exists about a particular subject, i.e web design, then all the keywords will be about that. If its on the same page as print and illustration, the keyword significance will be watered down and your chances of being on the first page of Google are massively decreased. I'm not an SEO expert but that's the main thing I can point out.
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I hope you have already found a marketer. Noah, since I've already been working in the field for several years, I can confidently say that at the initial stage you can figure out how to promote the site yourself and even for free.