Graphic design jobs for local council.

Hi guys,

Just wondered, have any of you got any experience or knowledge on working as a graphic designer for your local council? There's been a couple of jobs advertised for my local area and I've been in two minds wheher to apply or not.

I never really occurred to me that a council would need a grpahic design department of their own, so I can't imagine what they would be designing, and would it allow a lot of creative freedom?

Bit of an odd question, I know, so any of your thoughts would be good!

Thank you.
Not worked in house for a council but I've done a few freelance Jobs for them and when I designed murals I did a few for different councils.

I have found you can fall into the "design by committee" trap if you're not careful when everyone wants put their own 2p into it.
Projects can get a bit diluted trying to incorporate everyone's ideas so you have to be firm sometimes.

If all fails, A ring of different coloured, stylised figures holding hands usually does the trick for most things. ;)