Graphic Design Help Please


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Hello everyone, this is my first post here, total newbie having a play around with design software and would love some help.
I have Adobe Creative Cloud, Spark and Canva. My question relates more to Canva, in the image attached the pattern has been placed within the Illustration (ie the house and hearts), all elements appear to be from Canva but I can not for the life of me fathem how to get the pattern within the illustration?



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What he said... sorry but most of us on here would just say don't use it, I know I wouldn't use it.

We do seem to be getting a lot of people having 'issues' with canva of late, either it's a weird way of 'promoting' them or it's just really bad to use... I know which way I'd be going...

Amit Bassi

If you really want to create such design never use canva as it is used to create social media post. Use adobe illustrator or photoshop instead.