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Hi Guys

Im helping a charity I work with out (Note: Im not a graphic designer) With a design of a 2015 calendar.. they just simply can't fork out on professional designers, its a calendar thats going to be distributed in their area.. Its a good cause (obviously I'm not charing them)

But I just can't seem to get things right.. its probably a night mare but could someone point me in the right direction of what I could change / do to make it look even a fraction professional.

I have to have something completed for Monday I really appreciate any help and Im sure they do to!



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This is not bad at all I have seen a lot worse :) I would just say try to make sure things like the month panels line up with each other and to give them as much space as you can.
Maybe reduce the logo/header at the top so it has a bit more space to breath. Generally that is your main thing, there is a lots going on so make sure its nice and neat...make sure things line up with each other and the spacing is even... like don't have a thin gap and then next one twice as big.. this will make it easier for the eye to follow :) and just think of everything fitting in a grid so if one thing has that much space the other should too and if not there should be a reason for it.

Don't go below 7pt (you can be clever using bold or a different colour to save space whilst highlighting the important bits) for you text unless its small print and then you could do a 5.5 dependant on the font.

This is just general stuff to bear in mind :) but it good don't worry so much