Graphic Design Competition for book about design with water

Baca Architects

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Baca Architects are announcing a graphic design competition, the winner will be able to work on a new ‘book’ about design with water. Baca Architects is a young research led design practice specialising in water related architecture and design.

The practice won the RIBA Presidents Award for research, International Urban Landscape Award and Green Dot Awards amongst others. The book will be an anthology of past and emerging projects by Baca Architects, focussing on water, flooding and adaptable architecture. It will include a plethora of ideas including innovative concept ideas, city planning, analysis and mapping as well as essays on water.

The competition is open to individuals or teams from any design discipline and would be the perfect platform for emerging designers to work with Baca on an international publication. We are looking to be inspired with world class creative graphic ideas.

The proposal can take whatever form you feel is appropriate but must consider the following:

- graphic association with water and mapping,
- how to present work at different scales, from city planning to building components
- the format/platform in which the book should be presented (ie printed or digital)

Further information about the competition and sample downloads of our work can be found at: Competitions | Baca Blog