Graphic design company name?


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Hi all,

Im currently in university and starting to prepare myself for the design world so i need a name.

Im debating wether using my actual name (ben kemp) or coming up with a potential business name, as obviously the dream is to start a digital media firm.

So apart from my name I'm lacking ideas everything seems to be done already!
Some ideas I've had are
- Dead Pixel Asylum
- Communicreate
- Be Kreative (play on my initials BK)
- blur
- doodledrug
- visual insanity

I dunno, just would like something that is memorable, but not totally simple. unfortunately thats not easy to do as I'm sure most of you know.

Please help me! :S
I like 'Be Kreative' - but always a good way to narrow down is to see which domain names are available. Nothing so disappointing as creating a brilliant name only to find that someone has got the domain name already!
yeah I've sorta been checking every name i come up with. i don't want anything similar to someone else simply because of unoriginilaty and because its immediate competition (e.g. google ranking). was free, but i just seems cheesy like spelling boys as boyz you know? and plus it could be misspelt frequently.
Ha I'm over thinking this I know but when I've got a good name i can run to the hills with ideas for self branding
Thanks katedesign!
K's for C's put me mind of that clown Bart Simpson likes. Also, in the interests of Google, I'd probably rule out Blur. And Communicreative is too complicreated. And Dead Pixel Asylum makes you sound like an EMO band.
I'm registered using my own name with 'Design' at the end. I opted to use my own name mainly because I want people to know they're dealing with a single person.

I once heard someone suggest that you never use your own name for your business because "if your business fails, your name is associated with failure". To me, this is even more of an incentive to do it and gives me a reason to work hard for fear of that happening.

Personally I think it's a little cheesy when I see sole-traders referring to themselves as a group of people on their 'About' page. No offence to anyone on here that does that by the way, but I've seen it a lot, and sometimes get the impression that the designer is trying to hide the fact that they're just one person. Sometimes the 'one-man-band' image can work in your favour, especially when it comes to getting work from individuals rather than businesses.

Also, there's no reason why you can't employ more people in future using your name, i.e. Sagmeister Inc
...Personally I think it's a little cheesy when I see sole-traders referring to themselves as a group of people on their 'About' page...

... so often accompanied by that stock image of a pretty twenty-something woman in a call centre headset on the contacts page...