Graphic Design Brief with Social Enterprise - Paid work 3 days per week for 9 months

Emly Charoltte

New Member
Hi all,

The social enterprise I work with ( are looking for a graphic designer to work 3 days a week on a freelance basis for about 9 months (£150 per day). This is largely to cover my maternity leave but there may be follow-on opportunities if you enjoy the work and find a niche that suits both you and them. It's a very varied role and I enjoy working with them immensely. They work co-productively with disadvantaged communities so it is important to have good communication skills and would best suit someone who enjoys working creatively with other people - which means having a sense of humour and being prepared to be flexible in your approach. But it's highly rewarding work with a super supportive and friendly team of collegues.

You can read more about the role here:

Hopefully the role will suit someone here!

Best wishes,