Graduate seeking internship/work experience, HELP!


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I'm a graduate who hasn't been able to find a job in graphic design for around 2 years.

Which for most of it is a classic case of they want experience but I dont have any! So I'm in need of an internship/work experience.

Does anyone know a good place to start searching? I know if I can get my foot in the door it will be happy sailing!

Hiya, I am sure you will find something soon! you know what i did, before i got my first job, i sent my cv out to everyone, even companies not looking for a graphic designer, you should do that?

It's very hard, as when you have no experience, when they keep asking for it - you have to get your foot in the door first don't you. It's always who you know mostly, rather than what you know.

Hope i have been a help to you,

Gem :icon_smile: