Google Chrome Internet Browser

You installed it?

I installed it this morning and it is quite compact. Not given it a thorough run through but it seems to be pretty fast and got a couple of nice little tweaks.

I'll stick to FF for now though.
Been using for a short while now and I must say it makes IE look really bloated but it has loads of features just put together in a more user orientated way. :icon_thumbup:
I was reading yesterday that Google had gone a bit over the top with copying and pasting their terms and conditions of Crome usage which basically stated that they had the property rights to any and all content viewed in the Crome browser - needless to say that they had to remove that specific term!
I have used Chrome quite a bit in the last few months and it is a very good browser especially for sites that are heavy on javascript. It's javascript implementation is lightning fast making AJAX sites like Gmail and Analytics much more responsive.

The minimal interface works well and the added stability from running each tab as a separate process is impressive. For those who don't know what that means in real terms is that if you have a website with some buggy or slow scripting open in one tab it won't affect any of the other tabs. Opposed to other browsers where one page can freeze up the whole browser.

The big missing feature for me, and the reason why I am sticking with Opera, is mouse gestures. I use them all the time in Opera and trying to use a browser that doesn't support feels so slow and clunky. Hopefully once Google implement an addon system (like Firefox extensions) someone will add in mouse gesture support.