Google Adwords

It's good if you can be as specific as possible - e.g. products / location.
We've used adwords for three years - they contribute circa 7% and falling of our search engine results.

Nothing compares to organic however through quality SEO (using everything available).
Certainly have you can build a strong business on adwords while you wait for the SEO work to come to fruition.

You need to read up as adwords can cost you a lot of money if handled badly.

NB: I would never build a business without a few legs on the old marketing stool.
It can work okay if you find niche keywords that your competitors have missed. You also need to be good with your marketing speak, getting people to convert to customers - entice them to go to your website and stir their desire etc.
Spend a bit of time with Google's Webmaster tools, like checking for keyword popularity and trends. This should help you hone your keyword selection before you start an Adword campaign.

Organic is seen as the best way to go if you can fine tune your SEO and then use Adwords as an accompaniment to this.