Good News , Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I emailed this company
and inquired about their apprenticeship there offering
Linked them to some examples

I get an email from the boss of the company

I had a look at your projects on the links you sent through and was impressed that you had used Google Sketchup and Solid Works. I think it would be a good idea if you came to our offices for a chat some time. " ( aswell as some more )

= WIN!
I'm only 16 also xD
I'm kinda nervous now actually... I have some issues I wana clear up and information I need to find out from them... also

and stuff like , How do I dress?
I'm not used to being around people so much so xD ( I'm like usual indie artists , sat alone working on pc )
Ah I always had the impression that
Skilled people are allowed to turn up a tad scruffy ... kind of like an artisan at work type thing

Better go clothes shopping xD


Congrats :icon_cheers:

I always say you should dress how you want to dress when you go to work. Then if you've dressed wrong, you know the position maybe isn't for you. And if you fit right in, you know that maybe this is the one worth putting the extra effort in for. These things are just as much about you knowing if you want to work with them as they are visa versa :icon_thumbup:
Well in fairness Doug
I've never really given it much thought... at the end of the day
A designer can put on a thousand different costumes from... a £10,000 suit to a clown costume
at the end of the day ... hes still a talented designer

So If I go smart , then it wont make any difference to me haha


Then great then —*go for it :icon_wink:

I only say because I'd never want to work somewhere that required smart dress :icon_lol:


I went to an interview in a suit once, the creative director spent the entire interview taking the p@ss out of me, but I got the job!


Well done! :icon_thumbup:

In my last job, I had to dress uber smart (i.e grey/black pencil skirt or trousers, black shoes (killers heels if I must :icon_wink:), blouse, jacket :icon_scared:) because it was more of a admin/marketing design role in a non design company so had to face customers/the public regularly.

At my new printer design job (I've only done one day so far), I can wear whatever I like. The guys there look a bit builder-ish...baggy jeans and t-shirts/shirts and trainers.

I say to go smart/casual...but don't over do it on either side.

Good luck! :icon_biggrin:
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I am Not , I repeat NOT going
after I found out the apprenticeship is , " teaching clients how to use the 3d software " its TEACHING , not DESIGNING

but since then I've programmed some hardware / written some firmware in C
so I plan to show you guys soon...
I just need some money for some electronic components I need -.- Stupid LCD screen costs at £15 per... Only gotta buy one , then I can re-use it and my parents won't pay either xD ( they don't even know what a touch pad on a laptop is , depsite they use it everyday ! ) hahaha :D