Good examples of Graphic Design used in buildings


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We recently visited a the Kentish Town Health Centre, a 2009 Sterling prize nomination, which we have written about on our blog. The graphics in the building are really cool and bring the whole place to life. If you get the chance to pop in you should.

We were wondering if you guys could recommend other buildings where graphics are used to give the building some character?

Look forward your recommendations.

ok here's a cat/pigeon interaction scenario… what is the 'graphic design' used in this interior shot? Personally I would say the toilet signs and not the big swerly painting, that would come under interior design and/or mural design (if there is such a sub-genre?) Glad people are making an effort though… nothing as boring as a dirty old white, or worse still, magnolia wall.
Interesting perspective.

I'm not sure if we need to classify every piece of applied visual that we see. However, in this case I would definitely categorise the wall graphics as just that: wall graphics. Since the visuals are created by Studio Myerscough, who seem to have developed a nice style for building graphics - see also The Deptford Project and Westminster Academy, I think we can definitely include them in the graphics category. I don't think it matters if they are internal or external - in this case they definitely add an integral layer of character to a fairly blank canvas.

There are some really nice graphic touches throughout the project - there are other images on our blog - Graphic Design/hta - Graphic Design Agency Camden, London which will hopefully convince you.

Either way, this type of building creative sets a nice precedent for future projects - especially if they are public buildings to be cherished rather than abused.

gdhta, I hear what your saying… nothing more soul destroying than a bleak, cold room… all up for making any environment more enjoyable. Just don't think the above would work too well in a funeral directors!!!!
Would this not be Interior Design?

On the surface it might be considered that but graphic designers do produce work of this kind as well.

I've got a mate who is also a graphic designer and a few years back he did the graphics for the walls in Virgin Megastore on Oxford street as well as other material in the store.