Good Channels / Tutorials / Mentorships to step up my Motion Design Abilities


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Hey there,

Long story short, the title already says it, i'm looking for tutorials or channels you found give a really really good training and prep to work as a motion designer

For those who care here's the story why i post this and maybe it gives you some context too

So i just landed somewhat of my dream job at a fairly big agency as a junior motion designer. I have experience in premiere and after effects but never had some sort of porfessional or thorough training in motion design. I feel like my knowledge in the fields are some sort of patchwork, i already know a lot, but sometimes i feel like i'm missing crucial knowledge still. So during those holidays i want to invest some time and just polish my skills and just close all those knowledge gaps im missing at the moment.

Since it's very likely that i have to start working from home at the very start of my new job, i sadly can't profit from direct mentorship at my future workplace, so that's also a reason why i'm looking from another way of having some sort of mentorship. I'm willing to spend some money if it's really worth it. But i'm not in the position to drop a couple hundred bucks on a course. If it's free, even better of course :p

thanks in advance


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My take would be to look into doing a part time degree, or MA from a reputable university.
I already got a job in the field and i got experience i just want to refine those skills so i can catch up to my colleagues faster