Gold foil printing on flag


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Hi guys,

I've be struggling with this for a while and was hoping someone on here might be able to help. I have been asked to design a flag that has a metallic gold element 'printed' on it. I have contacted almost all flagmakers in the UK with no success (some of them do gold and silver print, but not metallic.) Furthermore, they are unable to advise whether I should be looking into gold leaf lettering companies or foil gold stamping to get the desired result. (see below) Does anyone have any ideas of where I can get such outdoors flag made?

You might need to look at screen printing as I cant imagine there's many hot foil printers with a press big enough to foil an entire flag and the plate would cost a fortune!
What about printing onto banner as an alternative? Another idea that may be worth considering a rigid f-banner system made with a solid panel and then you could print onto that? Most flag printers in my experience, only have capability to digitally print, and metallic gold is notoriously hard to print.