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Hi guys,

I know this is a big no no and had I the choice, I wouldn't be using them.
But I was wondering if anyone has any experience with vista prints foil accents?

I'm doing a free job for my cousin who's just got married, and this is going to be part of his wedding gift.
However, the print will be paid for by them, hence the vistaprint request they've looked into.

I'm looking for business cards with a gold foil accent, which vistaprint does. However, I'm dubious as to the quality of the accent that will result.
So if anyone has any experience here with vista foil accent in particular, or knows of an alternative that is within budget for them that would be amazing!

They'd be looking for 500-1000 for a first run and are looking to spend less than £100.

Many thanks x

I couldn't find any artwork specifications on the vistaprint website regarding the foil accenting regarding their requirements for the mask file.
Their process states that the foil accent is printed underneath ink, with ink layer on top.

I phoned them therefore to determine whether I should leave the intended accent area in the four colour artwork or not. ie. Should I include the type in the four colour artwork as a yellowish colour to achieve the gold effect? Or do I remove it from the four colour completely and only include on the mask file as per the standard foil blocking method.
The assistant didn't have a clue what I was talking about, and told me that they don't do foil accent for custom artwork. Which is incorrect as I can follow the process through to ordering on their website. When I then asked the above question, she didn't understand, and went to ask for some help. I was on hold for about eight minutes. She returned with a non-answer. I asked to be put through to one of their designers, or someone who deals with technical specifications to which she again left me on hold for another seven minutes and then put the phone down.

I'm really not very happy with the hang up. How difficult is it to just get put through to someone who has some technical knowledge?

Anyway that's all by the by.

I'm just going to go with a better quality printer. I've decided I'd rather pay the difference on top of their budget for something better quality and special rather than go with an outfit where I'm unsure of what the results will be.
I doubt you will find a printer who does gold foiling for less than a £100 if you do please let me know as I have done it in the past for a client and it is pricey

As for gold foiling all you have to do is send a separate file of just the parts you want gold foiled in your case the lettering, I send my parts in a Magenta colour
They couldn't answer your question because the person on the phone is employed solely because they have a legal requirement to provide contact details and she doesn't know anymore than you can find out on their website. As for speaking to someone in design that wont happen because they don't have a design department. And if you'd like to speak to a printer, plateman or other technically involved staff member, you'd need to speak Dutch or make a long distance call to OZ.
Thanks guys.

I've talked my cousin out of foil accents for the time being and positioned that when the business takes off, she could have a redesign in the future.
After looking around, it is indeed quite pricey and I was very dubious about the quality they'd be getting from Vista anyway.
It's all a learning curve for me.

darrengraphicdesign: I contacted Stationary Direct for advise on alternative finishes that they may have. They were very helpful and very up front about cost etc which I really appreciate. Pantone spot colour would be an alternative, but still expensive. However they also directed me to for foiling. I haven't asked these guys for a quote. It's not really necessary any more for this particular project.

I think the big learn from this is to not just be a designer designing what the customer asks, but to be a designer that should suggest/pitch the right option for the client both economically and visually, whilst maintaining what they want to achieve. I'm very new to freelance but I'm quickly learning that education is not the real world!
The big learn is to consider client wishes, budget and practicality/necessity then balance the three out.

Despite the desire for 'shiny', you've quite rightly identified that hot foiling is a high end finish that your relative's budget can't achieve on a first run of cards (especially when you consider how quickly they will be distributed) but something they can aspire to as and when the business takes off.

A good quality, well designed card printed by a reputable printer will speak volumes about your cousin's business (and about the ability and industry knowledge of the designer behind it). now do silver and gold foil business cards and wouldn't have been far off your budget depending on how quickly you need them.
Essex Bookbinders offers cheap foil-blocking - happy to do small runs!

Hi, I know it is too late for you now, but Essex Bookbinders offers small-run foil-blocking at very reasonable prices:


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